Active, health-conscious consumers demand nutritious, protein-rich, ready-to-eat products. Our low-sugar protein bars are perfect as a healthy snack on the go.

Protein bars: a successful formula

Healthy snacks in the form of low-sugar protein bars are one of the strongest growers on the health and active nutrition market. That’s because bars are easy to carry, ready to eat and highly nutritional. Ideal as snacks, to boost sporting performance or as meal replacements as part of a weight-loss diet.

‘Protein-rich nutrition helps control stress, cholesterol and other modern-day complaints.’


A personalised bar

At Aminolabs, you’ll find everything you need to produce your high-quality private label bars. We develop every bar to your specific requirements in terms of protein content, taste, texture, filling, colour and shelf life. Smooth or crispy? Our knowledge of ingredients, creative product development, knowledge of the market and mastery of the production process guarantee a unique bar that ticks all your boxes.

Packaging bars

Pure convenience

Whether they work out, follow a diet, want to stay healthy or just like tasty snacks, people today know what they want and they demand it immediately. With that in mind, as well as tasty and nutritious we ensure your protein-rich bar is pure convenience. Have you thought about the packaging?

100% quality

Our strict selection criteria and control systems fully guarantee the quality and safety of your bar. We work exclusively with reliable suppliers, we can fully trace all ingredients and we constantly run tests in our laboratories throughout the development process. We work in compliance with the International Food Standard (IFS) and hold a number of quality certificates, including Informed-Sport, ISO 22000 and NSF (GMP).