Technology & Innovation

Aminolabs leads the way in the development and production of health and active nutrition products. We have an instinctive feel for the market and can rely on a strong, well trained team of experts – in R&D and production. Close ties with research institutes and universities and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to create innovative concepts on the cutting edge of technology.

Define the perfect

The right texture

Soft and creamy, refreshing or crunchy. Alongside flavour, texture is one of the most important criteria against which your product is judged. 

With that in mind, our R&D experts seek the texture that fits your product exactly. We leave nothing to chance. Extensive quality testing and a diverse tasting panel ensure the texture is just the way you want it to be.

Superiour flavours for unique products

Healthy snacks, dietary nutrition or sports supplements. Flavour is everything. Which is why we work to develop a unique flavour system for each product.

We closely follow taste trends, consult international specialists and always listen to what your customers want.

Bottom line: you can expect from every product we develop that it has everything needed to grow your market share.

Premium quality

Pure ingredients

High quality products demand high quality ingredients. As an experienced player in health and active nutrition we exclusively work with reliable suppliers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Together with our strict selection criteria and control systems we can guarantee you that the ingredients in your product are pure and 100% safe.

Attractive & functional

Packaging concepts

If your product is to be a success, attractive, functional packaging is essential.

Our R&D experts first help you to choose the right packaging type based on use: bulk, blister pack, pot, box or pouch. Our designers then advise you on the design, labels and coding. Finally, with our technical equipment, we ensure all packaging is filled perfectly.

You want to think outside the box? No problem, we also work with you to design innovative packaging concepts. Do you sell your products online? We surely have a simple, secure shipment solution that suits you.