Manumixx and Aminolabs join forces

Manumixx (based in Zottegem) and Aminolabs (based in Hasselt) have agreed to merge and join forces. The combined Manumixx – Aminolabs group (Aminolabs Group) realises €85m in annual sales with c. 250 employees, and customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

CEO and founder of Aminolabs, Roger Anné, will be the CEO of the combined company. Benoit Daems remains the managing director of Manumixx. The founder of Manumixx, Manuel Peralta, continues his business development role.

CEO Roger Anné comments: “First of all, I sincerely welcome all Manumixx employees to our group. We have known each other for more than a decade, and I am convinced that the combination of the businesses is an important first step in our strategy to become the European leader in the fast-growing global sports & health nutrition market. I particularly value Manumixx for its product development capabilities and its client centric approach. The combination is particularly exciting because Manumixx and Aminolabs are very complementary, not only in product offering, but also in terms of geographical scope”

Benoit Daems and Manuel Peralta of Manumixx state “Teaming up with Aminolabs is an exciting new step for Manumixx. We are eager to start the collaboration which will provide us access to new markets and create opportunities for our people and customers, by giving us access to a wider range of product types, sharing best practices, strengthening our quality level and most importantly improving the way we serve our customers thanks to our increased scale”.

In the medium term, Aminolabs Group has the ambition to become one of the leading European players in the sports & health nutrition market. In order to make this possible, the group is supported by growth capital provided by the management and Waterland Private Equity.

Cedric Van Cauwenberghe, Partner Waterland Private Equity states:  “Sports nutrition is rapidly developing from a niche sports product to a general lifestyle market. We are already looking forward to continuing to support Aminolabs Group’s growth acceleration by deploying our international network and financial capability. Aminolabs Group will fulfil the objectives laid out in its international growth strategy through a combination of organic growth and selective acquisitions.”

EY and DLA Piper acted as advisors to Aminolabs, Argo Law acted as advisor to Manumixx and its shareholders.

About Manumixx 
Founded in 2005, Manumixx is a manufacturer of sports nutrition products (e.g. protein blends, isotonic or energy drink powders, meal replacement powders and all kinds of OTC supplements in capsules). Manumixx has a wide variety of production formats, ranging from powders in bottles, jars or sachets, to capsules. Manumixx is renowned for its product development expertise. Customers include general or specialized retailers and sports & health nutrition brands from all over the world from the US to Australia. 
Manumixx was supported by Vectis Participaties (, a private equity investment company who provided growth capital and financial support since 2013.