Our solutions

Health and active nutrition is more popular than ever. Sports nutrition, healthy snacks, dietary supplements, special dietary nutrition. We work with you, examining how we can develop innovative products that appeal to your target group. Form, ingredients, texture, shelf life, stability, packaging. We do everything to make your product stand out.

Product development on demand

Developing a product demands great technical expertise and market insight. After all: tastes differ depending on the country.

Our many years of experience and innovation-oriented R&D ensure that we always develop products that meet your criteria in every respect. For each solution – bar, powder, tablet or capsule – we create a unique production environment, tailored to your needs.

Sports & health nutrition


From protein meal replacements and amino acid blends to healthy snacks and the right workout mix. Our R&D powder experts develop homogenous blends with perfect solubility, attractive appearance and an outstanding taste experience.

We can adapt existing recipes too. Each formula is extensively tested and judged by a taste panel. Your blend only enters production at one of our three powder facilities when everything is perfect – including the packaging.

Sports & health nutrition


Tablets for swallowing, sucking or chewing? Our standard formulas or highly personalized options help you tailor your dietary supplement even better to your target group.

We study the mix of ingredients – vegetable extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids – that works best. We also look at the form. Round (ideal for sucking) or elongated (easier to swallow)? You decide.

Does a protective and/or colour coating have nutritional and/or commercial added value? And packaging fits you tablets best? Bulk, pots or blister packs? Again, we look in to it and you decide.

Sports & health nutrition


Dietary supplements in capsules are one of our specialties. With our know-how and technology we create, together with you, the most complex and powerful recipes.

Standard or personalized: we ensure that your capsules have the right form, colour and envelope for your powder or liquid blend. Gelatine, cellulose or delayed release? We make the right choice.

Last but not least, we guarantee a perfect finish by packaging your capsules in bulk, pots or blister packs. That's what we call a full service.